Valuable Gaming NFTs airdropped to GALA node holders ($$$)


GALA games, the decentralised blockchain gaming platform, airdropped a number of valuable NFTs (for the game — Mirandus) to a select number of lucky node holders last night.

One of the heavily anticipated games that is set to launch on their platform is Mirandus.

About Mirandus

Mirandus is an epic fantasy RPG set in a massive world ruled by five player-monarchs. In game, players have absolute freedom of choice: they can set out into the wilderness alone to try their fortunes against the monsters of the deep woods and dungeons, join with one of the monarchs to serve as a knight in their court, or set up shop in one of the five great cities of the realm. Player ownership of in-game assets is a central mechanic, with players being able to hold land deeds which allow them to claim parts of the wilderness and set up holdfasts ranging from small farms to massive cities. In Mirandus, you decide who you will be and choose your own quest in the epic fight against evil.

The game is that popular that most of the land, buildings and shops have completely sold out despite the fact that the game has not even reached beta phase.

Cemeteries airdropped to node holders

Last night, just over a 100 node holders received an NFT Cemetery (creepy I know). The exact breakdown was as follows:

Cemetery (size 10 x 10) was distributed to 90 node holders (scarcity = common)

Large cemetery (size 10 x 20) was distributed to 7 node holders (scarcity =rare)

Grand cemetery (size 30 x 20) was distributed to 5 node holders (scarcity = rare)

Whilst it sounds a little morbid, these cemeteries will be used to hold the bodies of the mirandus dead. Yes, gamers will need to pay the cemetery owners to let their valiant mirandus soldiers RIP.

How much are these Cemeteries worth

It is not entirely clear how much these cemeteries are going to be worth, however, if they were to follow the same pricing structure of the official mirandus store, which is based on size multiplied by rarity and is as follows

Common — Size x 5 –

Uncommon — Size x 7 –

Rare — Size x 9 –

Epic — Size x 15 –

Legendary — Size x 30

Based on this logic, the cemeteries would have the following selling prices:

Normal sized cemetery — (10 x 10 x 5) =$500

Large cemetery — ( 10 x 20 x 7 ) = $1,400

Grand cemetery ( 30 x 20 x 9) =$5,400

Now if my maths is correct, that is a pretty nice reward for some lucky node holders. This is in addition to their daily GALA distribution of circa 850 GALA which is equivalent to around to $24 (GALA coin is trading at circa $0.027).

If you are interested in owning a GALA games node, which will allow you to own your gameplay, earn a passive income and earn NFTS, you can sign up for a GALA account here.


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