Less than 9,000 out of the 50,000 GALA Founder Nodes remain

3 min readDec 1, 2021

Introduction to GALA Games

GALA games, a blockchain gaming platform, has taken the gaming industry by storm recently after surging into the top 70 cryptocurrencies by market cap. With a motto of “own your gameplay” players will truly be able to own their in game assets through the power of blockchain thus driving real world economies to their games. Furthermore, GALA games is building out the largest decentralised gaming network on the planet.

The key to the decentralisation of this gaming platform is achieved by “GALA Founder Nodes” and believe it or not the GALA node network is actually bigger than Ethereum's.

These Founder Nodes collectively work together to offer a decentralised network that can be used to host not one, not ten but HUNDREDS of games. Founder Nodes can be run anywhere by anyone providing they have access to a computer that has some minimal specifications.

In return for their services Founder Nodes receive daily cryptocurrency ($GALA) and a chance to be airdropped in game NFTs.

As a side note- $GALA is listed on some of the world’s largest crypto exchanges such as binance and coinbase.

Let’s talk more about these Founder Nodes

There will only ever be 50,000 GALA Founder Nodes in existence. This is an absolute finite supply. As of today 41,320 nodes have been sold meaning only 8,680 nodes remain unsold (or left on the digital shelf so to speak).

Whilst these nodes currently cost an eye watering $65,000, it is hard to deny that the FOMO (fear of missing out) for the last remaining nodes will kick in soon (only 17% of the nodes are left). I initially thought this high entry price would scare people off but, it has actually turned out to be quite the opposite with daily node sales soaring well into the hundreds.

What’s more, for every 100 nodes that are sold, the cost to acquire a Founder Nodes increases by $1,000. If the fact that only 8k nodes remain doesn’t cause a buying rush, then this clever pricing mechanism sure as hell will.

Founder Nodes can be run anywhere by anyone providing they have access minimum computer specification requirements.

As previously mentioned, Founder Nodes are rewarded in the form of the cryptocurrency : $GALA. This $GALA is airdropped on a daily basis to each node providing they have been…