GALA Nodes Smash through $20k as it walks the road to $100k.GALA coin rises in price.

5 min readOct 4, 2021


GALA Games, the decentralized blockchain gaming platform, has been making waves throughout the gaming and crypto industry. With approximately 35,000 active nodes scattered around the globe, the platform can proudly claim the title of being the most decentralized network in the world.

The platform’s native coin($GALA) has been enjoying a huge price spike due to the recent listing on Binance, which in turn has resulted in a huge influx of crypto enthusiasts and gamers entering the GALA community. Consequently, the sale of GALA nodes have reached insanely high levels with an average of 100–150 node sales a day.

This has conveniently come at an exciting time in the GALA world where the community has been soaking in the positive announcements such as;

  • GALA chain, the native blockchain for the platform will be live by the end of the year, allowing players to move away from the Ethereum network where they will be longer hostage to expensive and slow fees.
  • The “play to earn” mechanism will be deployed onto the game “TownStar on the 5th October, economically benefiting both players and node owners,
  • SpiderTanks, the player vs player battle royale game is one step closer to launching this year as beta testing commences.

Node pricing

Out of the finite supply of 50,000 nodes, just over 70% have been sold to date ( 35,044 to be precise) with the current price of a node costing $20,000.

GALA have deployed a rather interesting pricing mechanism where the price of a node increases by $500 for every 100 nodes sales. For example, node sales 35,100 to 35,200 will cost $20,500, whilst node sales 35,200 to 35,300 will cost $21,000. The final 100 nodes will be sold for just under $100k. Assuming my memory serves me well the exact figure is $95k.

Whilst nodes can only be purchased from GALA Games, the intention is that once the entire 50,000 nodes have been sold, they will be converted into NFTs (non fungible tokens) allowing them to be traded on a secondary market.

These node sales are used by GALA to fund game and platform development.

Node rewards & earnings

Active node owners are currently enjoying a daily distribution of circa 430 GALA tokens. With…