GALA Node Owners Set To Receive Further Rewards!




GALA Games recently announced that they will be creating a new coin called Towncoin for their game Townstar.

What is Townstar

Townstar is a massive RPG game where players compete to create the best town. From growing crops and raising cattle, through to constructing buildings and infrastructure, town owners battle it out for the most profitable town on the planet. Top players receive weekly cash prizes in the form of cryptocurrency.


From the 5th October, Towncoin will be the in game currency for Townstar. Towncoin will be used to acquire in game assets which will be in the form of NFTs, which will allow them to traded on a secondary market. This in game currency is the first of many as every game launched on the platform will have its’ own currency”

Node Operators to receive daily drops of TownCoin

In addition to the current daily reward of GALA, node holders have something else to look forward to — they will now receive daily drops of TownCoin providing their node meets the minimum daily requirements (note — the daily requirements are to keep the node active for 6 out of 24 hours.

Node holders will be able to use TownCoin tokens to purchase in game assets or, if they wish, convert their TownCoin into GALA, which in turn, can be traded into fiat such as USD on an exchange such as Binance.

Holders Of GALA will receive in game boosts

GALA have also announced that if a player holds the cryptocurrency GALA AND Towncoin in their wallets, they will receive in game boosts for the game Townstar. This “HODLING” of GALA could drive its’ price up but this is just my simple view :)

Current Node pricing

Nodes sold to date: 34300
Finite supply of nodes: 50,000
Nodes available left to purchase: 15,700
Current node price: $17,300
Node price increase: $500 for every 100 nodes sold
Selling price of last node: $100,000

To add further context to the price increase. Nodes 34,401 to 34,500 will cost $17,800 and nodes 34,501 to 34,600 wil cost $18,300.