GALA-HUGE PRICING UPDATE- $71K to acquire a node with last node selling for $276K

4 min readDec 11, 2021


GALA Games, the decentralised gaming platform has been making incredible strides within the crypto and gaming industry of late.

The successful listing of $GALA coin on Binance and Coinbase has caused a tsunami of people wanting to learn more about GALA Games.

In addition, GALAVERSE (a 3-day event dedicated to GALA games) commences on the 11th of December, and the team have already announced that there will be some huge announcements, thus I am expecting another huge wave of newcomers to the GALA community.

What Is GALA Games And Its mission?

GALA games’ mission is to create the world’s largest decentralized gaming platform that is host to hundreds of games.

Decentralization is achieved through the power of 50,000 nodes that are geographically located across all four corners of the globe. These nodes provide network support to the platform and govern the network. In return node owners are rewarded in daily cryptocurrency ($GALA).

Anyone with a computer can acquire a node and this is key to the goal of decentralization.

How Much Does A Node Cost?

Currently it costs $71,000 to acquire a node. However, the price of a node increases by $2,500 for every 100 nodes that are sold. Back at the start of the year, the price increase per 100 node sales was a modest $100, but this was then increased to $500 (in Aug) then $1,000 (in Nov) and now $2,500. This huge price hike has been implemented to try and slow down node sales. Yes, you heard that right, the GALA eco system is trying to SLOW down sales!

As of to date, 41,800 nodes have been sold and with a finite supply of 50,000 nodes, only 8,200 nodes remain.

The current batch of 100 nodes (so node numbers 41,801 to 41,900) cost $71,000 per node, whereas node numbers 41,901 to 42,000 will cost $73,500 per node. This pricing mechanism will result in the last 100 nodes (so node numbers 49,901 to 50,000) selling for a rather mouth-watering $276,000.

What Are Node Operators Expected To Do?

The current requirements for nodes are to simply be online for 6 hours in a 24- hour period. However, once the platform grows, further computational power will be needed as follows.