GALA Games — New Points System To Be Introduced As Nodes Hit $26k In Price

5 min readOct 24, 2021

Introduction to GALA

GALA games is a decentralized gaming platform that is maintained, operated, and governed by a network of independent nodes. Approximately 36,000 nodes out of a finite supply of 50,000 have been sold.

The vision of GALA Games can be set out below.

  • Decentralisation. The platform aims to be decentralised and controlled in a democratic fashion by the network of nodes, who vote on the direction of the platform, along with being the ones who are rewarded for the success of the gaming platform.
  • Games developed on the platform will always have both a “free to play” and a “play to earn” element. In addition, each game will have its own eco system and in game currency, which will allow gamers to invest in a real-life economy.
  • True ownership. Everything that a player buys, finds, or wins in game will truly belong to that player. This is achieved using NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and an agnostic approach to blockchain. To delve into the latter point: GALA games currently runs on Ethereum but will be launching its’ own chain — “GALA chain” and will also be integrating with the upcoming Flare Networks blockchain. This will give gamers multiple options on where they would like to store their in-game items (NFTs). I am also suspecting that GALA Games will integrate with additional blockchains to further increase a gamer’s choice and freedom.